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Pokemon Prism Not Cancelled as Creator Allegedly Researching for Material after Nintendo’s Pre-Release Date Takedown

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The Pokemon Prism might not be completely cancelled after all. The creator of the Pokemon GO spinoff spoke up after Nintendo removed it just as its release date was approaching.

The fan-made Pokemon GO offshoot was slated to be released soon. However, Nintendo?s legal team ordered creator Adam Vierra earlier this week to cease from launching the title.

About Pokemon Prism

News about Pokemon Prism first started circulating last October. Vierra created and released its trailer through Twitch Plays Pokemon stream.

Compared to other fan-made Pokemon games such as Pokemon Uranium, Prism was intended to be an ROM hack.

Just like Pokemon Uranium, Vierra?s creation was ordered by Nintendo to be pulled out immediately. Upon visiting the game?s website, one will only see a short message about its cancellation.

There is also a link to a PDF file of Nintendo?s official takedown order.

Legal notice in Pokemon Prism’s website

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Pokemon Prism NOT fully cancelled?

Even though the creator resides in the U.S., the said legal notice referenced Australian law. According to Vierra, this is because of the game?s Australia-based web host. Nonetheless, this has raised speculations about its authenticity.

After apologizing and taking responsibility for the situation, Vierra seemingly hinted that he will still push for the title?s release.

He said that he will do “more research into this situation” – an indication that he is not entirely abandoning Pokemon Prism.

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Mixed Reviews

Gamers? reactions to the issue has been somewhat varied. Some claimed that Nintendo is too much for running after a fan-made game.

However, some pointed out why it is necessary for Nintendo to monitor these unofficial spinoffs.

?It’s a simple rule: Don’t copy peoples’ IP’s and you won’t get shut down,? one commented on Gamespot?s report about the issue.

Fans reasoned that it is Nintendo?s right to retain and maintain their rights on their properties – especially one as big as the Pokemon. ?They stand to lose value in their property if a fan game gets made and distributed,? a commenter reminded.

A post also compared the issue by using other games as examples. ?If I made an Uncharted 6 on PC, I would justifiably be shut down in 10 minutes,? someone wrote.

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