Pokemon Movie ‘I Choose You!’: New Film Based On Original Anime [Rumor]

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It looks like there is another Pokemon movie aside from the yet to be released Detective Pikachu. This time around, the new movie seems to go back to its original roots and focus on the actual storyline that we have come to love.

According to?AnimeNewsNetwork, the rumors of a new Pokemon movie has been finally confirmed in Japan. It is set to be released in mid-2017 and it looks like they are setting the movie back in Pallet town.

The said announcement was made during a particular episode in the TV series called The Oha Suta (Good Morning Sun), a children’s show that airs on TV Tokyo. The movie will be titled ?Gekijoban Pocket Monster: Kimi ni Kimeta! (Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You!). It is set to have its premiere on July 15, 2017 in Japan.

A short teaser of the said movie was revealed during the show. They also unveiled the new poster that shows Pikachu beside Ash on the top of a tall mountain and Ho-oh flying. It’s worth noting?that Ash is wearing the?same outfit during his first ever Pokemon anime.

Going Back To Pallet Town?

The teaser did not give off much information about the movie. The trailer shows a white house surrounded by trees with a white picket fence surrounding it. This resembles Ash?s house in Pallet town, so we can assume that it will focus on Ash?starting his quest in becoming the greatest Pokemon master.

If Pokemon fans have a sharp memory in relation to the Pokemon anime franchise, they would have spotted something familiar with the title. ?Pokemon! Kimi ni Kimeta!? (Pokemon! I Choose You!) is the title of the first ever episode that the anime produced way back in 1997.

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There is still no news if the Pokemon movie will also be shown outside Japan in the future. But what we can be assured of is that this new?Pokemon movie will bring back all the Poke-feels to every fan who has been supporting this anime?s since day one.

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