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Pokemon Go APK Update: Bug Fixed, Ready For Download

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A new release of the latest Pokemon Go apk version will now give everyone the ability to bypass region locks and download the game for free. The update includes a number of bug fixes and availability for iOS devices that will make it easier for fans to play.

Pokemon fans have been itching to play Pok?mon Go, a fast-rising augmented reality game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices since its announcement. And now that the Pokemon Go launch is over, fans all over the world have already started training to become one of the best Pok?mon trainers.

But the Pokemon Go release wasn?t without issues. The release was remarked for its exciting gameplay but revealed a lot of errors and problems. According to the report, the complications previously facing the game were:

  • Authentication issues
  • Unable to download the game
  • Application not installed error on Android devices
  • Distorter game sound while playing
  • Error on purchasing items via Pok?Coins
  • Trainer account resetting error
  • Screen orientation detection error
  • Battery drain issue

The latest Pokemon Go?apk has made some crucial fixes and should give players more crazy things to do while in the game. Here are some of the fixes according to Hacktoid:

  • Bug fixed for iOS users
  • Fixed log in server error
  • Fixed some GPS error
  • No jailbreak required
  • All Android device is now supported including older version
  • Available for iOS device
  • Auto update using own server

The game was previously released in other parts of the world but reports have indicated that Europe and Canada will still have to wait for the release. Other fans opted to download the game through the APK file so while everyone is still waiting for the official release, the APK file for Pokemon Go is the best second choice.

Check out the Pokemon Go gameplay below:

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