Pokemon GO For Windows Phones Release Soon As Company Hints Windows 10 Version

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Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO is available for Android and iOS users since last week. Now, Windows Phone users are eagerly waiting for a Windows version of the game. Good news may come their way as a recent statement from Niantic Labs, the company behind the game, suggests that it may be working on Pokemon Go for Windows Phones.

Windows OS enthusiasts have filed an online petition to let know the makers of Pokemon GO know that how earnestly they are waiting for the game to arrive on Windows 10 and Windows Phone devices. The petition highlights the best features, stability and growth of Windows 10 to persuade the Pokemon GO creators to make the game available Windows platform.

In a short span of time, over 46,000 supporters have registered their petition. As of this writing, there is no official confirmation from the makers of Pokemon Go for Windows Phones.

When Windows Central contacted the Niantic for a Windows edition of Pokemon Go, it replied that they do not have any information to share on Windows at this time. However, it has not denied it. Hence, speculations are rife that the company is building a Pokemon Go for Windows Phone users, and it will make an announcement when the game is ready for release.

Pokemon GO

The Windows 10 Mobile for smartphones and tablets were introduced last year to succeed Windows 8.1. A recent AdDuplex data revealed that 11 percent of Windows Phone devices are running on Windows 10 Mobile whereas 78.8 percent are still using Windows Phone 8.1.

The Windows 10 Mobile has been praised for its features and intuitive user interface. However, it?s popularity is very low compared to leading mobile OS platforms like Android and iOS. Hence, developers prioritize Android and iOS over Windows when they release an app.

Owing to low popularity of Windows devices, several app developers have removed their support for devices for Windows Phone devices. However, they have continued their support for Android and iOS.

Angry Birds, a game developed by Rovio that gained huge popularity in 2009 was made available on multiple platforms like iOS, Android and Windows Phone. In the recent years, the popularity of the game has declined. Yesterday, Rovio confirmed that it will not be creating or updating the Angry Birds game for Windows Phone devices.

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