Pokemon GO For Windows Phones: New Hints Suggest Windows 10 Version To Arrive Soon

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is now available in the US, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and several European regions. However, the game is only available on iOS and Android platforms. New speculations indicate that the Pokemon GO for Windows Phones is close at hand as the Windows Store team is looking into several options to bring the Pokemon GO app to Windows 10 Mobile.

The Feedback Hub has received overwhelming requests for Pokemon GO for Windows Phone. Nearly 75,000 Pokemon GO fans have filed a petition on to persuade the developers of the game to build a Windows 10 version.

According to Win Beta, when Microsoft was asked on Feedback Hub to launch the game on Windows 10 Mobile, an official response confirmed that the Windows Store team is exploring ways to fulfill the request. The publication speculates that there can be two possibilities here. First, the Redmond giant may pay Niantic to build a game for Windows. The other possibility is Microsoft may consult with the developer of the game to provide development support.

When Windows Central asked Niantic whether it is building Pokemon GO for Windows, it replied that they have no details available on a Windows edition at present. However, Niantic did not say that it is not making Pokemon Go for Windows Phones.

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It is a known fact that developers prefer to launch Android and iOS versions of their apps before releasing a Windows Phone version. The probable reason behind it is the low popularity of Microsoft?s mobile platform.

According to a recent AdDuplex report, the Windows 10 Mobile OS that was launched last year to succeed Windows 8.1 has been adopted by only 11 percent of Windows Phone devices. The report also revealed that Windows 8.1 is running on 78 percent of devices. The low popularity of Windows Phone has caused several developers to discontinue their apps for Microsoft?s mobile platform.

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