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Pokemon GO for Windows Phone Update: Catch Pokemon, Visit PokeStops Using App for Windows 10; Petition for Windows Version Reaches 100K

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Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO

Despite garnering more than a 100,000 signatures to a petition requesting for a Pokemon GO app on the Windows Mobile, Nintendo and Niantic, so far, have no plans to bring the popular augmented reality game to the Windows.

Fortunately enough for fans, an independent developer, ST-Apps, has managed to port Pok?mon GO to Microsoft?s Universal Windows Platform. The open source client dubbed as “PoGo-UWP” can be installed on smartphones using the Windows 10 Mobile operating system.?ST-Apps won’t be porting the game to the Windows Phone 8.1, but has suggested that someone else can do it, using the source code if they want.

PoGo uses the same interface as the Android/iOS version of the game but is missing some of the best features of Pokemon GO including the game’s augmented reality features and 3D models.

Although the app may lack certain features, it still is the closest thing that Windows mobile users can get to play before Niantic comes with the official version. Initially, the app was limited to scanning the local areas for Pokemon and getting an exact location of all the Pokemon in your area.

However, with the latest update to PoGo UWP, players on Windows can all have the fun as their Android/iOS counterparts. The app allows players to use the map to see Pokemons and PokeStops near their location. It is also possible to catch the Pokemon with their device as well as visit PokeStops and get new items.

It is worth noting that the game requires users to have a Pokemon Trainer Club account and access to an Android or iOS device with Pok?mon GO. Or players could use BlueStacks, a desktop PC app, that can be used to launch Android apps from a Windows PC.

How to Install PoGo (via Windows Central):

  • Create a Pok?mon Trainer Club account. Click the official website link here.
  • Log in via the official Android or iOS client. You can do this on a second phone, or you can use Bluestacks, an Android emulator for Windows.
  • Once you’ve got the app running, log in and select a starting Pok?mon. You have to do this on the official client, as it’s not possible on PoGo-UWP at the moment.
  • Log out from the official app by tapping on the Pokeball icon and going to settings.
  • Download these Github files to your PC ?#1#2#3 and place them in a single new folder.
  • Go to Settings and go to the Update & Security section, and into the Developer Mode. Enable Developer mode, Device discovery, and Device Portal. If you’re planning to deploy via your PC, make sure it’s connected to the same WiFi network as your phone. Note: You can also just use a USB cable to your PC and pair that way instead of using WiFi.
  • To deploy from your PC: at the bottom of the Device Portal settings on your phone, you will see an IP address. Navigate to this IP address via a web browser on the PC.
  • Click on the Apps section on the Device Portal in your PC ?web browser. On Device Portal, navigate to ?Install App? and select the first file – PokemonGo-UWP_1.0.3.0_ARM_Debug.appx – you downloaded from step #5. Now select ?Add Dependency? twice and select File?s 2 and 3, respectively.
  • Click on Go beneath Deploy. Wait until the app is installed on your phone.
  • Launch PoGo-UWP on your phone, log in with the account you set-up earlier. You can now play.

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