Pokemon GO For Windows 10 Mobile: When Is It Releasing?

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Pokemon Go was made available for iOS and Android devices since last week. However, Windows 10 Mobile users are stilling waiting for the immensely popular augmented reality game

An ardent group of Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 8.1 smartphone have started a petition on to grab the attention of the company to soon launch a Pokemon Go version for Windows devices. The petition page also provides details on why the Pokemon should be launched for Windows 10.

The petition state states that Windows 10 is one of the fast growing operating systems that was introduced on July 29, 2015 has been installed on 81 million devices. Windows 10 is also a diverse platform that has made it possible to share apps and games to numerous devices such as mobile, tablet, desktops and wearables.

The Windows Store is available to 3 billion customers and is available across 57 markets. The apps support carrier billing and it also provides in-app purchases through 100 carriers.

Pokemon GO

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Nearly 41,000 supporters have expressed their desire for Pokemon Go app for Windows 10. In order to file a petition, people are required to enter details like name, email, country, postal code and the reason for signing the petition.

Before hitting the Sign button, one can also opt to share the petition with Facebook friends. The petition will be sent to Nintendo, The Pokemon Company and Niantic, Inc. The game has become so popular that some Windows 10 Mobile users have left the platform to play Pokemon Go on Android or iOS device.

Currently, the game is only available in the U.S, Australia and New Zealand. Since the company is facing game server problems because of huge demand, it has paused the release of Pokemon GO iOS and Android versions in other countries. Hence, there is less chance for an immediate launch of Pokemon Go for Windows devices.

Are you also waiting for the game to arrive on Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 devices? Do let us know your views by posting comments.

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