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Pokemon GO: Will Niantic Introduce The Second Gen Of Pokemon?

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Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO is currently taking the world by storm, and fans of the franchise are addicted to complete their Pokedex. The current launch roster of the game includes all 151 first-generation Pokemon, and while it is a pretty impressive number so far, fans will surely be looking for the hundred others especially if their personal favorite is not yet within reach.

There are a lot of questions bothering fans now regarding Pokemon GO, and one of it is whether or not Niantic will introduce more Pokemon in the game. The next generation of Pokemon 100 more creatures, starting from Chikorita to the very cute Celebi.

Some players are currently asking Niantic about their future plans for the game, including the number of Pokemon to be included. The Twitter account of Niantic is very careful, and there are no clues of more content on the way, but the current version might just be the tip of the iceberg.

It could only take a couple of months before players get to completing the Pokedex, depending on how Niantic plans to give out Legendaries. By then, players might get bored of the current roster, and it might be time for Niantic to introduce more Pokemon to capture.


Even if they do introduce the next gen of Pokemon, Niantic has to create a system that will allow players to get all creatures since it might be more significantly difficult to capture one type of Pokemon if areas are filled to the brim with several types. This could lead to problems regarding Pokemon evolutions, since getting Candies means encountering a certain creature several times.

Niantic is pretty quiet for now, but we are re expecting more details in the upcoming months. Be sure to drop in on us here on TheBitBag for updates on Pokemon GO.

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