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Pokemon GO: Will These 6 Rare Pokemon Appear And Be Caught Soon?

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Niantic?s Pokemon Go has definitely become a hit in just a week?s time, and gamers across the globe are starting to ask if they will be able to catch rare Pokemon like Mew, Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and Ditto? Recent reports suggest that they will be available real soon. Find out when.

The hit mobile game is definitely one of the most challenging games these days given the fact that it promotes an active lifestyle by roaming around and trying to find Pokemon in specific areas. However, what seems to be the real test in this game is finding rare creatures like those mentioned above.

Because of the difficulty level in finding these Pokemon, players around the world are getting impatient. But, worry no more because according to recent posts, it is going to be available real soon. A fan recently examined the code of the Pokemon GO files and found numerous references to all six rare Pokemon mentioned above.

According to the fan, these creatures have not appeared in the game yet, but they are expected to debut on Niantic?s special event, probably at the San Diego Comic Con 2016. However, there are still no confirmations about it.

Another thing that would strengthen the claim that rare Pokemon are going to be launched through a special event is the fact that in previous Pokemon games, creatures like Mew, Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres are usually located in a specific area and not in the wilderness. If the game would be the same just like its predecessors, then these Pokemon cannot be found in any random place.

Speaking of the special event, the event of Niantic is now moved to a larger area. It was originally scheduled to be held in a room where only 480 people can be accommodated. However, due to its sudden popularity, the organizers moved the event to Hall H, which has over 6,100 seats.

If ever the legendary Pokemon and Ditto will be released on the same day of Niantic?s event, be sure to be vigilant around your area because they can possibly appear there too. Do you think players of Pokemon GO would be able to get their hands on these rare creatures soon? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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