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Pokemon GO: Where?s Ditto And How Does It Work

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There?s 151 Pokemon in Niantic?s augmented reality title, but not every creature can be captured for now. There?s still a few missing Pokemon like Mew, MewTwo, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres, but data mined info revealed that these Pokemon will be introduced in the game one way or the other. Among the Legendaries is one more Pokemon who?s probably the most unique among all others, and it?s still a mystery where it is in Pokemon GO.

The Pokemon is none other than the shape-shifting Ditto. Ditto is the 132nd Pokemon and it?s unique because it can copy every Pokemon including its abilities and form, but it will retain the same face.

Ditto works differently in the main games as it will copy its enemy, including its moveset and stats (except HP), like in the anime. Pokemon GO players have yet to encounter a Ditto, and one of the big questions is how this Pokemon will function in the game.

It?s very likely that Pokemon GO?s Ditto will function similarly to the one in the RPG. During Gym battles, Ditto?s only move might be Transform, and it will copy any defending or attacking Pokemon?s moves. Its HP might remain the same, but its CP will be similar to its enemy. If this is the case, having a Ditto in the party is something special as it could potentially jam up any plans that players have prepared.

Another thing worth noting is that in the RPG, Ditto?s catch rate also changes depending on what Pokemon it copies. If Niantic implements this same feature in Pokemon GO, Ditto?s catching difficulty may also depend on what current Pokemon the player has in his team.

Like the Legendaries, Niantic is yet to release Ditto, but it?s likely that Ditto won?t come along with the likes of MewTwo and Mew. However, this purple menace might spawn during events.

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