Pokemon GO: Does Weather And Temperature Affect Pokemon Spawns?

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Pokemon GO only allows you to find wild Pokemon through random encounters, so repeatedly catching Pokemon may actually be a chore in the game. However, Niantic has officially announced that players can more likely find Pokemon of certain types according to the area they are currently in. However, players want to know if the weather or the temperature in their area actually affects their random Pokemon encounter rates. Here?s what we know so far.

According to the official Pokemon GO guide, your current area helps in deciding the Pokemon that you?ll find while you?re walking around. For instance, more Water Pokemon can be found near bodies of water areas such as beaches and piers, while people living in Desert areas are less likely to find Water Pokemon. Currently, players are still investigating on how this system actually works and if the weather and temperature can alter chances of encountering certain Pokemon.

According to a SilphRoad Reddit thread, weather has not been officially confirmed to affect wild Pokemon spawns, but time of day does. However, some players were actually able to find Water Pokemon during rainfall in their area, according to another thread from malvagio87. The real answer to the question may encourage players to look for Pokemon despite different weather conditions or prevent them from leaving their homes during bad weather. We?ll have to wait for Niantic to expound on the wild Pokemon encounter system in the game soon.

Meanwhile, temperature is another issue in the game as players think that they can find more Fire Pokemon in hot sunny days. LMY723?s thread in the SilphRoad Reddit claims that Fire type Pokemon still didn?t appear despite a temperature of 100+ Fahrenheit. This temperature is beyond the regular body temperature and is already considered to be uncomfortable. Like the weather inquiry, temperature actually affecting wild Pokemon spawn is another question yet to be answered by Pokemon GO?s developers.

These questions might be answered once Niantic is done fixing the game and has successfully installed servers throughout the world. Currently, it?s best to stick around Pokemon GO Reddit and the SilphRoad Reddit for more info about the game. You can even help players by joining threads that seek to study the game?s systems.

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