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Pokemon GO vs. Humans: Hilarious Video Shows Fans Dressed As Pikachus Hunting Down Trainers With Huge Poke Balls

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Pokemon GO

While?Pokemon GO is taking the world by storm, a parody video presents an innovative way to amplify the fun quotient of the game. The video shows players dressed as?Pikachus playing the game in the real world, throwing huge Poke Balls at unsuspecting strangers roaming around the streets.

The video, made by?Fadeout, has four people dressed in bright yellow Pikachu suits with a hood who are running around throwing red and white Poke Balls at people. Needless to say, the role reversal of Pikachus throwing the Poke Ball surprises the strangers hooked to their handsets, hunting down pocket monsters on the streets.

Apparently, the Pokemon are taking revenge on the trainers this time around, who usually hunt them down at every given opportunity.

The Pikachus first aim the gigantic sponge Poke Ball at a cyclist sitting near a fountain. The ball hits the man and he falls straight into the pool. However, not knowing what just happened, he picks himself up and tries to catch those Pikachus.

Following this, the Pikachus hurl the Poke Ball at unsuspecting people and even kids who are busy with their phones. Perhaps they were playing Pokemon GO on their devices.

However, this parody video was made as part of the marketing campaign for the city Basel in Switzerland. We do not know if this would increase the tourism in Basel, but the video has gone viral across social media platforms.

On a related note, Niantic released a?Pokemon GO patch for both Android and iOS recently. The update included a lot of fixes and enhancements. After updating, the new Pokemon GO version of Android should show 0.33.0, while iOS should show 1.3.0.

Thanks to this update,?Pokemon GO trainers will now be able to get the correct XP bonuses from Poke Balls. The new update pops up a reminder to players in order to warn them against playing the game above a certain speed. A dialog box asks players to assure that they are not driving while playing.

(Video Credit: YouTube/Fadeout TrashTV)

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