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Pokemon GO Vaporeon Nerfed: Other Strong Pokemon You Should Use

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Recently, Pokemon GO?s staple competitive Eevee evolution, Vaporeon, had its Water Gun damage nerfed, which hurt its overall damage in Gym battles. While its health remains intact, the experience may not be the same for Vaporeon players who like the Pokemon?s all-around strength before the nerf. Here are some suggestions on other Pokemon to use instead of Vaporeon.


Like Vaporeon, Snorlax is considered one of Pokemon GO?s staple Gym Pokemon for both taking and defending Gyms. If you have a Snorlax, you can breed the best one and make it your staple battle Pokemon. However, Snorlax is a Normal type, which means he is not resistant to any form of damage and even has a particular weakness to Fighting types. However, Snorlax?s good stat gain still makes it a great pick.

Pokemon with Hyper Beam

According to the SilphRoad Reddit, some Pokemon moves have been buffed along with the nerfs to Aqua Tail and Water Gun, which are some of Vaporeon?s moves. Hyper Beam, previously at 70 damage, is now at 120 damage after the recent update. This will be perfect for attacking Pokemon as defending Pokemon never dodge, and it?ll eat the full Hyper Beam. Notable Pokemon with Hyper Beam are Dragonite, Wigglytuff, and even Snorlax.

Pokemon with Blizzard

Previously, fans confirmed that the Blizzard move cannot be avoided even through dodging. This makes any attacker take a hit from Blizzard at any cost when it has been released. Unavoidable moves are especially handy for defending Gyms to make up for your defending Pokemon?s inability to dodge. As of the recent Pokemon GO patch, Blizzard has been buffed from 60 to 100 damage. Lapras and Tentacruel may have the Blizzard move, so make sure to breed them when you find them in the game.

Currently, Vaporeon is still viable in the game?s competitive system. However, the Vaporeon with reliable damage and defense no longer exists, so players who have relied on Vaporeons in Pokemon GO may experience a slight difficulty in Gym battles, given the recent changes. Players will have to wait for Vaporeon to be buffed again if they want to mainly use Vaporeon in the game.

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