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Pokemon GO: Should Vaporeon Get Nerfed?

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With the huge list of currently available Pokemon in Pokemon GO, players are keen on finding which creature is the best and most suited for attacking and defending Pokemon Gyms. Every trainer has his own preferences when choosing a Pokemon, but one creature probably stands out above the rest, thanks to it being possibly overpowered.

Players have constantly claimed that Eevee?s water-type evolution, Vaporeon, should be nerfed in some way. Most Pokemon Gyms are being defended with a Vaporeon at the top, while the rest of the defending Pokemon are Vaporeons as well. The Pokemon is also a frequent choice on ?Top Pokemon? lists, making it a must-own for any trainer.

Since it?s an easier Pokemon to catch as compared to level 3 evolutions like Charizard and Blastoise, players can get it with minimal effort as well. Even low-level players can easily get a Vaporeon, and this Pokemon can easily beat any other that takes effort to create.

Pokemon GO players have pointed out that the Water Gun move is what makes Vaporeon very overpowered. Water Gun hits at 500 RPM, so it?s not easy to dodge, and with a damage of 10, it could be very damaging to Pokemon. It?s even compared to Thunder Shock that shoots at 600 RPM with only 5 damage.

One of the ways to nerf Vaporeon is by lessening the speed of the Water Gun significantly or dropping its damage by half. Another possible solution is by making Vaporeon a tougher Pokemon to get, but this would make it more different to other Eeveelutions.

There are only six Electric type Pokemon in generation 1, and there are 18 Water types. It?s really odd for Vaporeon to be overpowered when there are so many other water types to be caught. Fans are hoping for Vaporeon to be nerfed in Pokemon GO as Pokemon Gyms worldwide are being dominated by it.

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