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Pokemon GO: How To Use It To Attract More Customers To Local Business

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Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO is growing quickly than any other mobile game. The game developed by Niantic Labs and the Nintendo company is making an outstanding impact on its players. Now, local business persons can take the advantage of Pokemon Go to increase their local business.

Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality (AR) game that uses phone?s GPS and camera to create a map according to player?s surrounding. There are also several Pokemon Gyms and where players can train their Pokemon and battle with others. Moreover, PokeStops are the places where gamers can collect items, such as eggs and more Pokeballs. The PokeStops and Pokemon GYMs are selected by the developers. Business owners must check if they are among the ones who are getting Pokemon Gym or PokeStores.

As the players will come to train their Pokemons and battle with others, the business owners will automatically get the foot traffic without making any effort. All that they need to do is turn these Pokemon players into customers with their creative ideas, reported Forbes. Business owners must be wondering whether they can get Pokemon GYM or PokeStops. Unfortunately, there is no way to apply.

Forbes contributor Jason Evangelho has written in his article, ?I?ve had several business owners asking how they can apply to become Pok?Stop or Pok?mon Gym. Unfortunately, these locations are pre-determined by the developer, Niantic Labs, likely using a combination of Google Maps and a private algorithm. That being said, they have to recognize that there?s a fantastic marketing and revenue opportunity here. I?m reaching out to them directly to ask about their plans in that regard.?

Moreover, they business owners can also buy ?Lure Module? to attract more players. ?Lure Module? can be used to attract more gamers to a particular place for 30 minutes. Business owners can use the ?Lure Module? of Pokemon Go during their less busy hours.

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