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Pokemon GO US Release Today, Europe Launch By The End Of The Week Confirmed By Niantic [Updated]

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Pokemon GO

Yesterday was a monumental occasion for mobile players, as Niantic released the highly anticipated Pokemon GO in select countries. It only took a day, but it seems like all fans in the US will be able to play the highly anticipated mobile game today, while European Pokemon fans will be able to play it by the end of the week without the help of an APK.

According to a Tweet from Glixel, fans in North America will be able to pick up the game later today. It was not made clear if it would be simultaneously released on iOS and Android, or if the mobile title would come to the latter first. That is how it was done yesterday, as Android devices managed to get the game first, though iOS releases soon followed.

When a fan asked about the legitimacy of the Tweet, game journalist John Davidson stated that the PR team from Niantic informed him of the news. As of this writing, the developers have not replied to this statement in a negative or defensive way, so it seems pretty legitimate. Davidson has also worked for various game sites such as 1UP, GameSpot, and GamePro, so he is a pretty credible source.

One thing is sure though; this game will be downloaded like crazy when it comes out in the US. The beta test did just end after all, and it seemed like some fans could not get enough of Pokemon GO, so the early release should make many a fan happy.

A battle in Pokemon GO

The fact that the AR Pokemon experience was released this early in July is quite surprising. Given how hush-hush Niantic and Nintendo were with the project, fans assumed that it would come later in the month or even delayed, but that obviously isn’t the case.

Fans hoping for an experience similar to the older games in the series won’t find it here, as the mobile game requires players to catch multiple versions of the same Pokemon to evolve and taking over gyms as part of a color-themed team. There are still fights, but they use a new swipe based mechanic that will be easier for mobile players.

Pokemon GO will be coming to the US later today and Europe by the end of the week. The mobile game is free to download for both iOS and Android. Fans that really dig the game can also get the Pokemon GO Plus device.


Glixel’s announcement has come true as Pokemon?GO is now available in the US for both iOS and Android devices.

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