Pokemon GO Updates: A Ransomware Can Be Installed Via Game To Hack Your Accounts, How To Keep Your Account Safe

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Pokemon GO updates
Pokemon GO updates

A security researcher by the name of Michael Gillespie discovered a Pokemon GO ransomware and delivered the news via Twitter.

Pokemon GO has only been released for a little over a month. However, there have already been a lot of issues with possible viruses and malware since its release. During its initial release, several sites offered a cracked apk for Android phones. Some contained malware, some were similar to the official app that was released. Api files for devices running Apple?s iOS also were not able to get away from the ?cracking? as cracked api files was also uploaded in the web.

Gillespie sent out a tweet just before the weekend, on August 12. According to Bleeping Computer, the ransomware is still in the works. However, with the extent of the code the hackers are using to create this ransomware, it is designed to spread and infect other drives.


Resources note that the app is hidden with the filename ?PokemonGo.exe? with a sad Pikachu as its icon. Bleeping Computer analysis show that the ransomware may be the first of its kind as it creates a ?backdoor Windows account?. This means that the hacker, or whoever is sending this out, will have access to your files and your computer no less.

What is scary about this is, any unsuspecting person could be spreading this ransomware. Once the ransomware is in your computer, any USB, phones or any removable drive you insert will be infected. When that drive is infected and inserted into another computer or device, that device will also be infected.

It was noted that it is targeted for Arabic ?victims? as the ransom note is written in Arabic. The note was decrypted by Lawrence Abrams of Bleeping Computer.

The content of this ransom note is:

(: ??? ?? ????? ???????? ??? ?????? ????? ??????? ??????? ?????? ????? ??? ????? ?????


The English translation is:

( : Your files have been encrypted , decoding Falaksa Mobilis following address and thank you in advance for your generosity

From this, TheBitBag team would like to remind its readers to be wary of what Pokemon GO app you will download. Do not download from unknown or not trusted sites.

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