Pokemon GO Updates: Niantic On Battery Saver Mode, Legendary Pokemon, Other Bug Fixes

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In the latest Pokemon GO update, Niantic has announced several gifts to fans of the popular augmented reality game. Niantic is known to be a proactive company that listens to the plight of its customers. It has an update for the buggy Battery Saver mode for the iOS and some Legendary Pokemon mishaps among others.

It is relatively hard to listen, more so, to give in to the wants and demands of millions of trainers. The game has been downloaded more than 100 million times In a recent report by App Annie. It is also earning over $10 million on iOS and Google Play combined. It is just imperative that it listens to the growing fan base of users.

In a Facebook post, Niantic announced that they have removed the Battery Saver mode as several users have reported it to be buggy. Niantic adds that they are confident that they can roll out a fix for this in the several days.

In the post containing Pokemon GO updates, Niantic also reported that there were some Legendary Pokemon that were erroneously granted to some Trainers. They revealed that there were several reports (by snitches?) about this ?undeserved? granting bug and successfully located the misplaced Legendary Pokemon to take them back.

Niantic is also fixing other Pokemon GO bugs like one affecting throwing accuracy.

The post also contained an announcement about how Pokemon GO has been released in Central and South America just in time for the Rio Olympics 2016. There were pressures coming in from athletes, Rio?s mayor and by hackers. It looked like Niantic gave in and many were pleased.

This guy was so in to it that he accidently spent $5K on Pokemon GO in the Rio Olympics 2016.

That?s Japanese Gymnast Kohei Uchimura, the reigning Olympic gold medalist and six-time world champion. His phone company spared him in the end. Instead of charging him $5000, they gave him the daily flat rate of about $30. He said, quoted by Time, ?I really lucked out.?

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