Pokemon GO Update: All Upcoming Items Confirmed So Far

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Pokemon GO Update

Just last week, Pokemon GO data was leaked once more on Reddit and it showed more new upcoming content added to the game. Based on the data, some equipment from other Pokemon titles may be coming soon, along with other items and item effects that might possibly improve the catching or competitive experience in Pokemon GO. Here?s what we know so far about the upcoming items.

As seen in 262724478?s thread on Reddit, more incense types, other Pokemon berries and the temporary battle stat item boosts have been confirmed in the game. Aside from them, some item effects, namely the ?NO_FLEE? and the ?CHANCE_LEGEND,? may be useful when hunting wild Pokemon. The full list of leaked data can be found on a Pastebin entry.

The confirmed upcoming items in the game are the new kinds of Incenses and Berries. It?s possible that the new Incenses will draw specific Pokemon types to the player, while the other Berries may do more than just improve the catch rate of one Pokemon throw. It?s possible that these ?NO_FLEE? or ?CHANCE_LEGEND? item effects may be for one of these new Incenses or Berries. More usables in the game may mean improvements in the catching system.

Additionally, Uktabi_Kong?s thread on the Pokemon GO Reddit reveals some more images of the upcoming items. As seen in the image, more berries can be seen along with the game?s current Razz Berry as well as a Master Ball. However, there seems to be a ?honey jar? among the images, which could be yet another upcoming item in the game.

Currently, most of Pokemon GO?s items are just for improving chances of catching and attracting wild Pokemon in the game. The upcoming items might have more specific or improved effects as the Incense just attracts Pokemon in general and Razz Berry can only improve chances of a single Pokeball throw. We?ll just have to wait for Niantic to announce the patch for these supposedly upcoming items to finally understand how can they help players enjoy the mobile game more.

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