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Pokemon GO Update: Two New Simple Features Added, But are They Necessary?

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Despite all the updates developer Niantic has made to their popular AR title, there are still annoying issues that can dampen your enjoyment of the game. These are the small details that could be improved to make your experience better. The recent Pokemon GO update has once again resolved issues in the game.

Accidental Exits

First off, if you use an Android phone to play Pokemon GO, just imagine you are playing the app and suddenly, a rare Pokemon appears. As you try to catch it using the swiping movement you usually do, due to?your excitement, you swipe your finger way out of the monitor and mistakenly press either the home or back button.

When you try to come back to the game after the mishap, you will be directed to a loading screen and all your efforts and the chance to capture the Pokemon is now gone.?All you have left to do is just sigh and pray that you would encounter the same Pokemon again.

Well, it seems like the Pokemon GO update has an answer to that problem. Now, the developers placed?a pop-up option that will ask players if they really want to exit the app or stay in it. Finally, those miss-presses that Android users usually make will be a thing of the past.

Pokemon GO Charge Your Battery

The second improvement that the Pokemon GO update brings is related to the Pokemon GO Plus device. The Pokemon GO app now features an icon that is located at the top right corner of the screen which tells players that the battery of their Pokemon GO Plus device is running low.

The Pokemon GO update has truly taken into consideration the whims of players. Now, gamers can play Pokemon GO with a peace of mind. These are just very small details, but it makes a big impact to anyone who plays Pokemon GO.

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