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Pokemon GO Update: Biggest Nest Migration Rolls Out

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Pokemon go update

A major Pokemon GO update has confirmed big changes in the nest migration. According to the skilled Pokemon GO players at the Silph community, the 9th biggest nest migration rolled out this week.

It means that now you are no longer spot Pokemon at specific places. Certain places for spotting Pokemon and nest have also been changed.

Pokemon Go Update changed Pokemon Nests

Niantic has rolled out an update related to nest migration. The Silph road tracking site was updated with the fresh information about the latest nest migrations. Pokemon GO players are even advised to check out the community later this week to observe the entire changes in the local area.

The Pokemon GO players are also sharing their experiences related to the latest nest migration. One of the users has stated that the Bulbasaur nest in the Central Park in now replaced with the Pidgey nest.

pokemon go update

Pokemon GO the Best game of 2016

While the players are searching for the new nests in their local area, Niantic bagged “the most searched item online in 2016” title with the help of Pokemon GO. According to Google?s Global Trends report, the company is very much successful to win the attention of the players through its Android and Apple?s apps.

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Meanwhile, there was a tough competition between iPhone 7, Donald Trump and Pokemon GO to grab the most searched item online in 2016 title. And Pokemon GO beat both of them with its innovative and user-friendly interface.

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In addition, Niantic successfully fulfilled every expectation of its fans. The company wooed the players with different events like Halloween, Thanksgiving and the latest Holiday event. Now, Pokemon Go fans are expecting to release an update which includes player to player battles and many other things.

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