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Pokemon GO Update: Trading, PVP And Global Events Coming Soon

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Pokemon GO Update

The world of Pokemon GO will soon expand to bigger heights as some of the game’s most anticipated features are coming soon. There’s no doubting that Pokemon GO has a lot of potential to be a deeper title and developer Niantic will soon prove this to be true. The next major Pokemon GO update could bring back old fans and draw in a new fan base as well considering the new content to be added is expected to be pretty meaty.

In an interview with Waypoint a few days ago, Niantic CEO John Hanke revealed that the 3 anticipated features in Pokemon GO are coming soon. The features in question are PVP, trading and world events. Although no release date has been pegged yet, we have reason to believe that the Pokemon GO update will come in the months to follow as Hanke already confirmed that it is coming.

Thanks to the game’s server issues and bugs during its early months, Niantic had to hold back on a few vital features in the game; trading and PVP. To this date, the developer still see these features as essential and Hanke says that “it will be done soon.” Hanke adds that if servers weren’t as faulty as it was during launch, then one of the 2 features would have already been available.

Moreover, Hanke teased that they are also working on events on a global scale and quips that fans have beaten them to it by creating events of their own. When Pokemon GO fans hear about global events, they can’t help but look back at the reveal trailer of the game wherein dozens of players took on MewTwo in Time Square.

If Niantic does initiate global events in the game, then we are all likely to be seeing the Legendary Pokemon in gen 1; all of which haven’t been available since launch. These include the Mew Duo; Mew and MewTwo and the Legendary Bird Trio; Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres.

s aNiantic could be launching a pretty meaty Pokemon GO update within the next few months. Although we’ve yet to know exactly when, March feels like a big month for the game due to the fact that it’s the anniversary of when select players got their hands on the game through field testing. If not March, then any month is up for grabs but a big update on the game’nniversary in officially launching sounds like a pretty decent launch date as well.

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