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Pokemon GO Update: Three Step Bug And Other Issues To Be Fixed Today?

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Pokemon GO Update

While it was released with a myriad of problems, Pokemon GO has actually improved a lot since it came out earlier this month. Sure, the game still has a number of issues, including a freezing problems and the infamous three-step bug, but the servers are much better now, so catching Pokemon is smoother than ever, and it looks like we might have another Pokemon GO update this week.

In an interview with Game Informer, Niantic stated that they would like to do biweekly updates for the game and provide a better experience for those currently playing it. While the developers from the company didn’t ensure that this would be official, they did release an update two weeks ago that actually made things a bit better, and it seems like it’s time for another one.

As usual, fans are curious as to what this Pokemon GO update would fix, assuming it actually comes out this week. Niantic stated that they are aware of the three-step bug during the San Diego Comic-Con and that they would try and fix it soon. Will that be the case this week, since they know that it has bothered players a lot? We’ll have to wait and see.

On Reddit, fans are also hoping to see an update come out this week and fix the infamous bug, since users in the forum have been very vocal about the game’s many problems. This is easily one of the worst ones that has plagued mobile gamers, and they’re hoping that this week’s Pokemon GO update ? should it come ? eliminates this problem altogether.

The bug has been a nightmare for Pokemon GO fans.

Even with all the problem that the game suffers from, it has proven to be a success. It’s currently the most downloaded app on both iOS and Android devices, proving that the Pokemon brand is just as strong, if not stronger, than it’s ever been.

Pokemon GO is currently available in certain countries and should be getting a worldwide release soon. Fans hoping to see Moltres & Articuno anytime soon will have to wait, since the developers stated that the game must get a worldwide release first before the legendaries are released.

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