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Pokemon GO Update: Suggestions From Gaming Community Managers

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Pokemon GO

Since the Pokemon GO update released last week, players have been facing more problems in the game. Some community managers of other games have suggested ways through which Niantic can make things better. The lack of communication is making fans lose their faith in the augmented reality mobile game, and here are the steps Niantic could take to keep its huge fan base happy.

The community managers asked Niantic to build better relationship with their fans first because the fan community is not happy. It can be done in any way; answering their emails or talking to fans on social media platforms can help the company build a bond with players. The company doesn?t notify fans about its updates and modifies or removes game features without any prior notice to players. Niantic needs to be transparent to its playerbase about its updates, policies and plans for fixing the game?s issues.

Niantic should also conduct risk management workshops for its team working on Pokemon GO. Two community managers for mobile games said on the TheSilphRoad subreddit that doing these things can help the company and their whole team in tough times. The community managers also asks the developer to be more clear with the updates as every single change to the game affects millions of people worldwide.

Another community manager for a video game also asked fans to have patience. Though fans have been waiting for Niantic?s replies to their queries, they still need to give Niantic some time and empathize with them. The game has become a big hit over the course of a month, so it is obviously a challenging task for the developer to manage and maintain the massive army of Pokemon GO players.

Being patient is undoubtedly a good idea, but players did not expect such negligence from Nintendo and Niantic. The two are among the leading game companies in the world, and fans believe the way they are dealing the situation is unsatisfactory. The companies need to understand that while they are planning to make Pokemon GO available throughout the world, they have to make their existing customers happy before they start looking at the new ones.

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