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Pokemon GO Update: Sprint Incentive List News, What Happens When You Hunt In Their Stores?

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Niantic is again going to collaborate with a new retailer for its hit mobile game Pokemon GO. This time, the developer would transform Sprint stores into gym and PokeStop locations. Now, check out what will happen if you hunt in their stores.

Pokemon hunting in Sprint Stores will officially start on December 12. More than 10,000 stores will transform into gyms and Pokestops where gamers can collect in-game items and battle other trainers.

For those who do not know what Pokestops are, it is a place where you can collect items such as pokeballs. These places are playing a very crucial role in the game as you will not be able to catch all creatures without these stores. So obviously, Sprint stores will now become an important place for trainers around the United States.

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Now, question is, what could Sprint offer to you that will make you want to visit their stores. First is of course items for the game. Without those, it will be hard to progress in Pokemon GO. Second is they will offer free charging stations for every gamer.

It is a known fact that Niantic?s hit mobile game eats a lot of battery in your phone. With free charging available in every Sprint store, it will be an additional lure for trainers. Also, here is the more interesting part. For those non-Sprint customers, you will get a free sales talk from the store?s sales department. They will try to persuade you to switch to a wireless carrier. Interesting, right?

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Meanwhile, there are speculations that aside from Sprint, Niantic also contacted Starbucks to host an event for them. According to reports, the event will kickoff at the end of this week and it will as well transform stores into gyms and PokeStops.

Also, rumor has it that the event will finally introduce the much-anticipated Generation 2 of Pokemon. A flyer even circulated online that provides details about the reported event. However, Niantic has not confirmed this rumor. As a result, there are those who started to doubt the event.

How about you? Do you think Niantic will also have an event with Starbucks? Or, will it just be with Sprint for now? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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