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Pokemon GO Update: Special New Features As Pokemon Sun And Moon Releases This Week?

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With the nearing release of Pokemon Sun and Moon, will the team behind Niantic give their gamers a little surprise as well? More special items? New features? Or maybe even Pokemon to add to the first generation ones to the recent Pokemon GO update?

Let us start off with the date set for Pokemon Sun and Moon. The game is launching on?November 18, and it is a fact that this will be another Poke-phenomenon. But will a?Pokemon GO update become available on the same day to celebrate the launch of?the new game?

Junichi Masuda, the producer of the Pokemon franchise, told Game Informer?that there will be a tie-up of the game “at some point”.??It’s released [Pokemon GO] in more countries and has reached a much wider audience. So I think a lot of people, maybe, learned about Pok?mon for the first time from Pok?mon Go, the core concept of throwing out a Pok?ball and catching a Pok?mon, so we don’t want to waste that.?

Basically, Masuda wanted the first time players that learned the basics of the game through Pokemon GO to also be entranced with the new Pokemon Sun and Moon. This has triggered speculations that there will be an event or a Pokemon GO update this Friday to celebrate the game’s launch.

Some reddit posts say that the next Pokemon GO update will probably have a ?transfer Pokemon? option from the Pokemon GO app to the Pokemon Sun and Moon game. This feature will be able to transfer the Pokemon that were caught in the app to the game as long as the transferred Pokemon is also available in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Other posts also suggests that there could be a possible increased spawn rate of Pokemon under the theme of ?Sun and Moon.? Those possible ?moon? themed Pokemon can be Clefairy and Clefable, and for the ?Sun?-themed Pokemon, it could be Pokemon like Charmander and Eevee. Another possibility is increased spawns for Pokemon with Alolan forms.?

While an event for the mobile game is possible, a special connect feature this Friday seems unlikely based on Masuada’s statement. We’ll have to wait and see if developer Niantic has any surprises on November 18. For the latest news on Poekmon GO, make sure to check out TheBitBag.

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