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Pokemon GO Update: Special Holiday Boxes and Discounts Available in the In-Game Shop

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Pokemon GO Update

Pokemon GO has certainly made fans of the augmented reality game very happy this December. In addition to having a Pokemon GO Christmas Event, there were rumblings that Niantic Labs will be adding Holiday Boxes to the game. Now, Niantic Labs has finally confirmed what the latest Pokemon GO Update has in store for Pokemon fans.

Recently, Niantic Labs unveiled the Pokemon GO Christmas Event, which gives trainers a free single-use incubator every day each time they visit their first Pokestop. This will be available from Christmas Day until January 3rd.

Pokemon GO Holiday Boxes Event


While that is already an amazing treat for Pokemon GO fans, it appears that Niantic Labs still has something left up its sleeve. According to the Pokemon GO Blog, the game?s developers will be adding limited-time holiday item packs to the in-game shop. Not only that, the holiday item packs will be sold at a discounted rate.

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This is certainly very exciting news for Pokemon GO fans who have been waiting for a good deal. The blog post continues to say that they will be releasing ?Special, Great, and Ultra Boxes?. The mystery boxes could include a number of different items which include Incubators, Great Balls, Incense, and Ultra Balls.

The Holiday Boxes will become available starting December 25th until the afternoon of December 30th. But once the period lapses, there is something else that Pokemon GO fans could look forward to.

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Bronze, Silver and Gold Boxes

The same blog post mentions that starting from the afternoon of December 30 until the afternoon of January 3rd, Niantic Labs will be releasing Bronze, Silver and Gold Boxes in the in-game store. The items in the boxes would range from Incense, Lure Modules, Poke Balls, Great Balls and Lucky Eggs.

All these Holiday Boxes are surely going to give Pokemon GO fans a great deal one some very useful items. For those die-hard fans of the augmented reality game, this is one event that should not be missed.

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