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Pokemon GO Update: Why You Shouldn’t Install Patch 1.0.1 On iOS

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Yesterday, Niantic released a Pokemon GO update 1.0.1 on iOS, but you should not install this patch if you want to continue playing the game. The latest patch is locking out players of their accounts. Pokemon Trainer Club account holders are reporting the problems and they claim that after updating the mobile game, they are not able to play anymore. Some lucky players have restored the backup through iCloud, but a majority of people are left with no such options.

To fix the Pokemon GO account-related issues players were facing, game developer Niantic Labs issued an update. The update was rolled out to fix the frequent crash and login related problems with the Trainer Club account. According to players on Reddit, the update is good for nothing and is even locking out people of their accounts.

For some users, the situation got worse because their mobile game got an automatic update and now they are unable to play. Those who have not yet installed the update should wait to do so until the developer provides a solution.

According to Niantic?s patch notes, the update should stabilize the Trainer Club account login process and players will no longer have to re-enter their log-in details after whenever they get forced out of their account. Additionally, the developer also claims that the patch 1.0.1 addresses issues related to Google?s account scope.

In the change log available on the Apple Store, developer assured fans that the new update will fix the crash issues. But, it seems that the things are not working well, and the efforts developer has made are causing more trouble to fans.

Pokemon GO players have long vented out their disappointment for the game and have demanded Niantic to compensate them after their in-game items were wasted due to the game?s issues. Some fans also tried to contact the company for tech support, but according to them, no one has responded yet to their requests.

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