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Pokemon GO Update: Why You Shouldn’t Expect Much From Ingress Devs

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Pokemon GO Update

Pokemon GO?s developer, Niantic, may not have been the best at handling the game so far. There are still bugs in the game despite their continuous effort in fixing it, and the fans are left hanging with their requests and pleas. Additionally, Ingress players and fans are worried about Pokemon GO?s future due to Niantic?s handling of Ingress. Here?s why you shouldn?t expect good Pokemon GO updates soon from Ingress? developers.

Currently, Niantic?s Pokemon GO is being enjoyed by its enormous player base, though it?s still plagued with bugs and ?cheaters? and currently has unresolved issues with third party Pokemon GO sites. Despite this, the Pokemon GO community is still strong and actively fills the community forums with tons of guides and resources for the game. While Niantic is technically responsible for all of the canon and official Pokemon GO content, the developers aren?t as effective in providing Pokemon GO updates.

Niantic?s previous updates were inconsistent and odd. Earlier this month, Niantic confirmed through an email that they weren?t going to release any more servers as they?re focused on fixing the game. However, more European Pokemon GO servers were suddenly announced a few days later. While their player base may appreciate such surprise releases, their fans currently have absolutely no clue about the game?s status and progress due to the inconsistency in their announcements.

Ingress players have also noted that Niantic is slow in providing updates or doesn?t listen to their player base when it comes to improvements in the game. According to olrik?s thread on the Pokemon GO Reddit, Niantic is ?bad at communication as well as interaction with its fans.? Olrik noted that Niantic always rolls with their own plans and rarely listens to the player base.

Meanwhile, the highly upvoted post on the thread with 4096 points comes from aeurielesn, which says:

?Being a [former] L16 Ingress player, I can’t help myself from having a bad image of Niantic. Honestly, when I started playing P:GO my instant thought was ?This game concept is really cool. Oh wait but it’s by Niantic, this game is so f*cked.?”

Additionally, the PokeStop application requests has been stopped at the moment, according to the official Pokemon GO Support site from Niantic. Some players are already resorting to GPS spoofing to earn free Pokeballs from PokeStops, which is bad for the game. Despite the PokeStop scarcity, the site still has a PokeStop removal request.

Hopefully, Niantic will step up their game if they want to keep their player base. For now, there should be a healthy amount of Pokemon GO update announcements, similar to most eSport games like League of Legends, Dota 2, and Overwatch; this may help Niantic get back on their player base?s good side.

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