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Pokemon GO Update: Shiny Pokemon Found In Datamine, But It’s Not Releasing Anytime Soon

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Every Pokemon GO update has surprised us in so many ways, from their major seasonal events to the possible add-ons of new Generation?Pokemon. Now there are reports saying that Shiny Pokemon might be added to the game as well.

According to ?The Silph Road,? recent APK searches show the phrases ?shiny? and ?rare.? This possibly refers to another type of Pokemon breed for the future Pokemon GO update.


Furthermore, it was also stated that ?There is a new audio file that plays when a wild Pokemon is captured and is deemed as ?rare? by the game.? This is the more enthusiastic and upbeat version of the usual theme song that is played if you captured a wild Pokemon.

Also, they stated that ?there was a considerable amount of new codes that segregating Pokemons’ materials into ?default? and ?shiny? materials.? As stated, materials are conditions on how the surface area should look like. This includes the hue or shade and how the light reflects on its surface.

If you add all of these factors together, there is a possibility that there will be a future Pokemon GO update that would include the Shiny Pokemon to the game. If so, this is another milestone for the worldwide phenomenal app.

For those who are not familiar with the term, ?Shiny Pokemon?, they are Pokemon with a different coloration compared to its original form. The range of the color change varies depending on the Pokemon.

It can go from just a few shades darker than the original color to a totally unique color scheme. This alteration is also accompanied by a ?sparkling? sound effect and animation as you encounter such type of Pokemon.

Aside from these reports, there?s still no sign?that these Shiny Pokemon will become available anytime soon. There are also no Shiny Pokemon sprites in the current version of the game.?

There are so many possible new features that Pokemon GO could bring. If the people behind Niantic are planning to do all these ?in 2016, the app will surely end this year with a big bang!

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