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Pokemon GO Update: Secrets About New Patch For iOS, Android

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Pokemon GO

The newest update for Pokemon Go is going to be available soon. The new 1.7 and 0.37 is being rolled out for iOS and Android Devices. The new update contains one of the most anticipated features, the Buddy System.

Most of the players should?ve known the main concept of the update by now. However, users can find an update breakdown below. Fans of the game who?ve been waiting for the update should take note. These can help the players get on with the game once the update is installed.

Swapping Won?t Affect The Distance Walked

The Buddy Pokemon of the player can be swapped at the player?s will. When swapping, it won?t affect the total distance walked of the players. However, the reward progress for the candy will be reset. Players should take note of their upcoming candy rewards before changing.

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Pokemon GO

Limited Gym Access to Buddy Pokemon

Most of the players already knew that the Buddy Pokemon is restricted from being placed the Gym. However, it doesn?t totally restrict them from going on combat. A Reddit user has reported that Buddy Pokemon can be used to attack Gyms. Buddy Pokemon can still locate candies even after passing out in battle or after training. ?

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Buddy Pokemon Can Acquire Two Candies

As far as everyone knows, a Buddy Pokemon can only acquire one candy. After walking a set amount of distance, it is common that the player only acquires a single candy. However, a Reddit user posted a photo of her Vulpix, picking two candies at the same time.

However, it is still unknown if it is a bug or a glitch. Furthermore, it may even be a surprise from Niantic Labs to please the players. At the same time, a good way to garner back the lost players of the game.

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Rooted Android Device Fix

Players should take note that this guide cannot help everyone. However, it should be worth checking, it may contain some helpful information. Pokemon Go has upped their security system following the anti-cheat initiatives.

Pokemon Go patch has rolled out that will prevent the game from running on Jailbroken?or rooted iOs, Androids devices. There will be a full guide to fix the current errors and restrictions of the game here. It involves using a Modification called, Magisk.

Magisk is used to bypass the SafetyNet API that prevents the newest Pokemon Go version from running. Long-story-short, the people who had?previous root will be required to wipe the traces. Re-rooting the device is required for the Magisk software to work.

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