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Pokemon GO Update: Secret Changes Made By Niantic

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Pokemon GO
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Niantic recently updated Pokemon GO, and there are a few obvious changes to the game including the removal of the notorious three-step feature in the Pokemon Nearby app. However, the patch notes for the Pokemon GO update only reveal a few of the changes as there are other tweaks to the game not listed down by Niantic. Here are a few secret changes made to the game that you should know.

Less Variety Of Pokemon Nearby

Redditor Thefirstmelon?s thread tackles how he gets the ?GPS signal not found? notification more frequently after the Pokemon GO update. However, some players also shared their concerns with regards to the update. Apparently, after the recent update, there is the same amount of Pokemon appearing, but the choices are less varied. This means those who?ve yet to catch most of the Pokemon will have to deal with the same Pokemon appearing over and over again.

New Nest Behavior

After the update, it seemed that Nests were taken out of the game. Luckily, the Nests were not actually removed but were just not visible in tracking apps for a brief moment. However, there are changes to the Nests in Pokemon GO. Redditor pulsivesilver noticed that most of the Pokemon Nests have changed, meaning it contains different Pokemon now. For example, Ekans Nests have turned to Fearows, Pikachu to Ekans and so on. He also noticed that there were no Nests for Snorlax, Chansey, Porygon, Lapras, Grimer and Koffing.

Other Changes

Niantic tweaked a lot with the Pokemon GO update including changes in Pokemon behavior, which, according to Redditor one_love_silvia, makes Pokemon jump and attack more often. There are a lot of other hidden changes, some good and some bad. Redditor AcedDunsparce took note of the little things made in the update, and it?s worth noting that despite the controversial changes, Niantic still delivered by making the gameplay somewhat smoother.

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