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Pokemon GO Update: Wild Santa Pikachu And Holiday Perks Now Gone, But The Hat Stays

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The Holiday season is officially over and that is also the case in the Pokemon GO update. Their holiday events are now gone. But, trainers have nothing to worry about because Santa Pikachu can still evolve into a Santa Raichu.

According to a post on the?The Silph Road subreddit, the holiday events in the hit mobile-game, considered as the best of 2016, are over. On a good note, those Santa Pikachu you captured still retain its hat. Also, its hat is going to stay once the mouse-Pokemon transformed into Raichu. So, it is clear that your holiday Pikachu are now rare creatures in the game.

However, as the holiday events concluded, wild Pikachu are no longer wearing a hat. They are back to being normal, similar to their appearance when Niantic launched the game last year. As a result, some trainers are disappointed for not catching a Santa Pikachu before the event ended. Sadly, it cannot be helped unless Niantic rolls out their player trading feature sooner rather than later.

Moreover, the end of the holidays also indicates there is no more limited incubators. Freebies started on the first day of the event and apparently, it is now over. Good news is that some Reddit users are claiming that they still got their free incubators today. Should that be the case, then you can still try grabbing yours even after the Pokemon GO update.

Aside from limited incubators, packages in PokeStop are also gone. Just like Santa Pikachu returning to regular Pikachu, items on shops are back to normal. Special holiday offers are now over and the game is back to normal.

For now, let us wait for Niantic to announce any upcoming events on the game. Rumor has it that the next event will take place in February during the Valentine?s Day. If that is precise, then trainers have over a month to prepare for that special event.

How about you? Did you enjoy the Holiday events on the hit mobile-game? What are you expecting in future Pokemon GO Updates? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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