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Pokemon GO Update Increases Rare Spawns In Rural Areas

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Pokemon GO Update
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Pokemon GO is ensuring that every player has the chance to capture all Pokemon and there are new steps towards this goal in the past few updates. Niantic has apparently tweaked a few things under our noses and those in rural areas are going to benefit from the update. A new Pokemon GO update seems to have levelled the playing field for players in rural areas.

Pokemon GO Hub shared their findings after a recent Pokemon GO update and players in rural areas are now going to enjoy better rare spawn rates. This means they’ll have a better chance at getting rare Pokemon from here on out. The date for the finding was gathered using bot accounts on a set map. Pokemon GO Hub didn’t release the exact data of the findings but shared a summary of what they found out.

For starters, the increase in rare spawn rates didn’t happen in one fell swoop. The change was made gradually and the spawn rates increased from 27.04 to 28.04 in a few days. There was also no increase in spawn points according to the research, so players in rural areas aren’t going to see any new areas to encounter Pokemon in. However, there was an increase in encounters per spawn point.

Lastly, Pokemon GO Hub notes that “there was no dramatic increase in spawn rarity.” It adds “with more spawns comes a bigger chance of rare encounters, but nothing dramatic.”

Overall, there was a 14.85% rare spawn increase throughout rural areas. This is a surprising change in the game as many didn’t expect Niantic to increase rare spawn points in any form.Thanks to these changes, players in rural areas now have a better chance at completing their Pokedex. The study isn’t over yet as those behind it are still looking to analyze the data in more depth.

Before the update, players in rural areas have trouble completing their Pokedex because of fewer spawn points in their areas as compared to those who play in the city. They’re at a disadvantage as well because there are fewer landmarks to make use of as a PokeStop.

With this change, Niantic is looking to reach out to those playing in rural areas in little ways. However, the game is still far from balanced between those in rural and urban areas and we can expect Niantic to sort out this issue more in the future.

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