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Pokemon GO Update: Player vs Player Battles, Pokemon Trading, Baby Piku Confirmed to release in December?

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It?s a great effort that Niantic has maintained Pokemon from televisions to small devices with the virtual reality game Pokemon GO. Now the company wanted to make the experience even more real and unmatched with many innovative features in the game.

Recently, during the company?s event?in?Manila, the Pokemon GO developers promised to provide immense gaming experience. And with the latest update, it is true that the company is confirming player versus player battle system, Pokemon trading, and many other major updates.

Pokemon GO Update: Player ?versus Player battles

Player versus player battles is expected since the inception of Pokemon GO. But the company wants to provide the best and unmatched experience for the players through VR technology. By setting player against the player, the company wanted to increase the interactivity and the challenges within the game.

Players need to select their favorite Pokemon for the battle with its exclusive powers. Niantic is also offering candy rewards for the winner in order to enhance their overall experience.

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Pokemon Trading

On the contrary, Pokemon trading enables the players to increase their social sharing by exchanging Pokemon with each other. The company allows the trainers to trade their Pokemon on the game.

Previously the trading has already been included in a patch update for the game about a month ago, but the update wasn?t rolling on the game yet. It seems that Niantic will roll out Pokemon trading with the mass updates in December.

Baby Pokemon ?

Hatching eggs needs a significant time for the players to hatch their eggs in the incubators. Niantic has decided to?replace eggs with baby Pokemon?in order to provide a facility to the players.

Baby Pokemon are to be released on the Pokemon GO fields along with the New Gen 2 Pokemon. And New Gen 2 Pokemon are going to release in December along with the major update from the company.

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