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Pokemon GO Update: How To Prepare For Next Generation Pokemon.

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Pokemon GO

It has been more than one month since Pokemon GO was launched. It is one of the most loved games for mobile devices. Now, Niantic is reportedly working on its second generation of Pokemon.

Niantic recently released an update to fix bugs and improve game features. Developers are working on a new update that will bring the much anticipated trade feature and new tracking system. The next Pokemon GO update will bring 12 new Pokemon from the first generation. To evolve these, the player will need a certain amount of candies. So, it is best to start collecting them.

Here is the list of Pokemon and the requirements for their evolution.

Second generation Pokemon

The new update will unlock the second generation of Slowpoke, Onix, Chansey, Scyther, Eevee, Porygon and Tyrogue. The second generation of Eevee will bring two types of Pokemon, Espeon and Umbreon. It take 25 candies to evolve Eevee into Espeon or Umbreon.

Pokemon GO Eevee Evolutions

Slowpoke, Scyther and Porygon will evolve into Slowking, Scizor and Porygon2, respectively. Each of them, will most probably require 50 candies. Onix will require 50 to 100 candies to evolve into Steelix. The second generation of Chansey, Blissey, will take around 100 candies.

According to PokemonGoInformer, Tyrogue is not actually first generation Pokemon. There are currently two kind of Pokemon that will turn into Tyrogue and then into Hitmontop. These two are Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan. However, it is not confirmed yet how many candies it will take to evolve a Tyrogue into Hitmontop.

Third generation Pokemon

Crobat, Bellossom, Politoed and Kingdra are third generation Pokemon of Zubats, Gloom, Poliwhirl and Horsea. Crobat is the third generation of Zubats. Zubats could be annoying for some players, but its third generation is supposed to be quite useful one. Crobat will evolve from Zubats for 100 candies.

Pokemon GO

Bellossom is an alternate third stage generation for Gloom. First Oddish evolves into Gloom and then finally Bellossom or Vileplume. Similar to Bellossom, Politoed is third generation of Poliwag. Seadra will evolve into Kingdra. Each of these third generation Pokemon will require 100 candies.

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