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Pokemon GO Update: Possible Next Additions After Shiny Pokemon

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Pokemon GO Update

The latest update for Pokemon GO finally introduced the elusive Shiny variants to the game. However, this is just one of possibly countless new content Niantic might have in store for players. Here are some of the possible next additions in a future Pokemon GO update.

Global Events And Legendary Pokemon

Global Events have been teased by Niantic long before the game released. Up until now, we’ve yet to hear about the feature, but it could be coming soon considering how Niantic is taking steps to further improve Pokemon GO. Related to Global Events are the Legendary Pokemon.

These powerful Pokemon are yet to be introduced in a Pokemon GO update. Even after gen 2 launched, we’ve still yet to see any of the Legendary Pokemon in the game. Now that the Shiny variants are available in-game, Niantic could finally be taking steps towards introducing the 11 Legendary Pokemon from gen 1 and 2.

We’ve yet to know how Legendary Pokemon can be caught, but based on the reveal trailer from a few years back, these creatures could be captured during the Global Events.


Another anticipated feature to come in a Pokemon GO update is trading. This feature has been a staple in both the Pokemon RPG series and the trading card game. Surprisingly, it wasn’t available at launch. Niantic CEO John Hanke recently said that the developer is still working on the feature. It’s possible this is the next feature after the Shiny variants.

Moreover, a recent datamine has revealed that Niantic is looking to take more precautionary measures when sorting out reports of usernames. If trading does finally get added to the game, players can expect more interaction with each other, and the chances of others reporting inappropriate names are very likely.

A Fix For Spoofing

One of the biggest problems of the game from its launch up to this date are GPS spoofers. These players have exploited the game’s GPS based gameplay for their own benefit and Niantic hardly ever recognized the issue. It was only until recently that Niantic acknowledged the problem. Hanke notes that GPS spoofing is one of the targets for the major updates.

Since Shiny variants are finally in the game, GPS spoofers could go at it once again for a better chance at the rare variants. This is exactly why Niantic should begin working on solving the spoofing problem of the game.

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