Pokemon Go Update: Players Petitioning Over Speed Limits?

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If you haven?t updated your Pokemon GO app yet, take time to read this articles to avoid regretting.

On the plus side, players who log in every single day with the updated app will receive rewards and bonuses for being a ?loyal trainer.?

A lot more Pokemon can already be seen in the wild, too ready to be captured by the trainer?s PokeBalls. Trainers will also earn more XP when taking over gyms.

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PokeStops Speed Limits

Earlier this year, an update of the phenomenal mobile game introduced the disappearance of Pokemon sightings completely when over a certain speed, which players discovered was around 25 mph.

Even if you have clicked the ?I?m a passenger? dialogue notification, you will get the dreaded ?Please try again? message when spinning at some PokeStops above the said speed.

This is to prevent players to play the game while driving to avoid road accidents.

However, players found, to their disappointment, that Niantic, the company behind the virtual reality mobile game has put speed limits on Pokestops as well. This, on the other hand was found by some players to be as low as 10 mph.

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Pokemon Go Update

Pokemon Go Called Speed Limits ?Insane?

Due to this, Pokemon GO players have started a petition to remove the speed limit on Pokestops.The petition has already 1,556 supporters as of this writing.

The petition reads, ?While I understand your idea for driver safety, what about others who are passengers? ?Or others that unable to get out walk to the Pokestops in their area? ?Is this a money grab for people to buy more balls??

A certain Richard Ray from Louisville, KY was the one who made the petition. He also asked if Niantic has got many road accident report of people playing Pokemon GO.

Ray also called the speed limit placed on Pokestops ?insane.?

He ended the petition with the words, ?We want to catch them all. ?Please don’t make it any harder than it already is. ?Please don’t ruin our game.?

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