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Pokemon GO Update: Niantic’s Lapras Spawn Event Affects US, UK, And Other Regions?

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Pokemon spawning has been a thing in the Pokemon GO world ever since the game was created. But if there?s a Pokemon GO update wherein a particular place encounters a ?Spawning-spree,? will other countries?be affected?

There has been news that there is a spawning spree of the famous, hard-to-find and powerful Lapras. The lucky area is reported to be in Japan. As we know, Japan was devastated by a monstrous tsunami back in the year 2011.

However, there have been reports from other countries that due to this recent Pokemon GO update, the Lapras in their region seem to be missing. The Reddit post by issiech reads,?My city scanner always shows one or two Lapras around town (usually too far away to catch). But today I don?t see any. Is it possible that when they created the Lapras event in Japan that they took them away from other places?? Following this was more comments reporting the same problem.?It’s still unknown if the lack of Lapras for some players in other regions was just a coincidence.

Travel To Japan Instead For Lapras Event?

The areas near the coastlines of Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, and Fukushima Prefecture were the ones that received the most damages in Japan. Due to this unfortunate incident, tourists are now thinking twice on going to these places, which used to be tourist attractions.

The Japanese government has teamed up with the people at Niantic to help promote these areas once again. Hoping to bring back the regions? glory, the recent Pokemon GO update includes a special event that features the renowned Pokemon Lapras. Spawn rates for Lapras will be increased in devastated areas in Japan. This event will run until November 23.

The event has a time period attached to it, but since Pokemon GO has been a huge success and is well-known, especially in Japan, this will be a no-brainer, sure-fire hit. So if you are living or visiting Japan, add these places to your ?go-to? list.

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