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Pokemon GO Update: How Niantic Should Upgrade The Game

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Pokemon Go

There?s no doubt that Pokemon GO is the rave today and players are flocking by the thousands and possibly millions, and the game hasn?t even launched in other regions yet. Niantic is keeping a tight lip as to when the next update will drop, but with the server issues plaguing the game, we can expect it pretty soon. Aside from fixing the usual server errors, there are also other things that Niantic should add to the update to make the game even better than it is.


Trading could be a very integral part in Pokemon GO. Some players thought that this feature would make it at launch, but it was not present. Adding Pokemon trading helps players on several levels. For starters, region-exclusive Pokemon or those not available in your locale might not be a problem anymore. This feature will also help players evolve their current Pokemon with the help of others.

Better Pokemon Nearby

Pokemon Nearby is one of the best features that players will need in their journey. However, it?s a bit clunky at the moment as it has a couple of minutes? delay, which could result in a few problems with the players. We?re guessing that the best way to resolve the issue is by creating a system that allows players to see the changes in real-time. It would probably also help if Pokemon Nearby shows the exact distance of the Pokemon from the player.

Social Features

Most of the time, players in a Pokemon Gym are total strangers to each other as players just happen to stumble upon a random Gym anywhere. It would be a whole lot better if Niantic allows the Pokemon GO players to keep track of the people that trainers encounter for a better social experience. This would also allow players to create a game plan when defending Gyms, like how the order of the defending Pokemon should be.

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