Pokemon Go Update: Niantic Tries to Draw Back its Former Players via Tracker Update

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Pokemon Go

Niantic finally released a statement about the Pokemon Go tracker update that every player had been waiting for. And this might pull the former Pokemon Go players back to playing the game.

Players Request to Return the Original Tracker

Pokemon Go players have been requesting for Niantic to bring back the original tracker. Basically because the Sightings System that the players are currently users wasn?t really as effective as the original tracker.

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The tracker is basically used to detect Pokemon in nearby places. However, the latest Pokemon tracker can only function if there?s a PokeStop nearby.

Which means the lates not at all okay for those players who don?t have any available PokeStops in their area. The problem which the latest tracker is that users in rural places are having a hard time searching for Pokemon. And it?s beating the main purpose of the tracker.

But with Niantic finally announcing the future release of the Pokemon Go tracker update, players can now settle down and redownload their Pokemon Go app.

What to Expect in the Upcoming Pokemon Go Tracker Update

The impending update of the game will improve its Sightings System. Compared to the latest Pokemon Go tracker, users can expect to have improved sightings, with the requirement of having a PokeStop nearby.

Pokemon Go

However, there hasn?t been any confirmation yet whether the update will be the replica of the original tracker; especially since the upgrade focuses more on the players who live in rural areas.

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So yes, the sightings are finally back. And as per Forbes, the latest feature of the tracker will be expanded to ?most regions of the world.? But of course, it will still depend on whether the game is available in your area.

Pokemon Go was a success during the first few months of its release; making it one of the most sought after games in 2016. However, the number of its loyal players have evidently decreased, and it?s just proper for Niantic to release useful updates that could draw its former players back.

The Pokemon Go tracker update could be a good place to start with. Let?s all just hope that the test run wouldn?t be disappointing.

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