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Pokemon GO Update: Niantic To Release Ingress Wearable Next Month

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pokemon go update

Niantic is working to introduce its wearable ?Nex Band? next month with the Pokemon GO update. The company is planning to give tough competition to world?s biggest tech giant Apple Inc. Niantic?s Nex Band might be the reason, that the company put Pokemon GO?s apple watch development on hold.

It is clear that the company is planning to announce its own hardware product which is a wrist wearable. The company wants to enhance the branding of its games. And the hardware product is the best way to increasing the branding. Let?s discover the features and specs of Niantic?s Nex band.

Features of Niantic?s Nex Band with Pokemon GO update

Niantic?s Nex band goes far beyond the features of Pokemon GO plus wearable which was developed by Nintendo. The Nex band includes 5 touch sensitive display with multicolor LEDs for custom notifications and icons. It offers battery life up to 4 days.

Apart from games, it also offers fitness tracking features which will allow the users to track their health effectively. The Nex Band is offering features that are similar to the Apple watch. The company wanted to introduce its Ingress model at first which is completely based on the company?s Ingress game.

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pokemon go update

Niantic to compete Apple with Nex Band

It is speculated that the company is going to give a tough competition to Apple in the future. With the Nex Band, Niantic is offering features similar to apple?s watch. It is not possible that Pokemon GO players will wear both the bands.

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The company?s decision to put the Pokemon GO app development for Apple watch on hold is a clear indication that Niantic is all set to compete for apple with its Nex Band. Besides, the company is also giving smoke screen statements and constantly refusing to comment on the delays. Time will tell who the real winner for wearables would be.

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