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Pokemon Go Update: Niantic to Increase Spawn Rate for all Creatures

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Niantic has released the latest Pokemon Go update which increases Spawn rate for rare Pokemon. Niantic is constantly engaging Pokemon Go developers to introduce some innovative features that can please its players. Acquiring the ?Highest grossing app in the world? title is proof that the company is continuously providing something interesting to its players.

Right from increasing the number of rare Pokemon to introducing baby Pokemon, the company has implemented every single tactic to woo the players. Now it has increased the spawning rate for catching Pokemon. It seems that the company has fulfilled the wish of every trainer with this update.

Don?t panic to catch the rare Pokemon

In the recent update, spawn rates of Pokemon in the game have increased. It means that the players can expect more Pokemon to appear in the field. ?This is a significant change as it affects the entire concept of the game.

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Besides, Niantic has also declared an increase in the number of rare Pokemon like Lapras, Charmeleon, Bulbasaur and 70 more Pokemon. ?These rare Pokemon are going to make frequent appearances in their respective locations. Now there?s no need to hasten things up while catching Pokemon.

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Pokemon will stay for up to an Hour

Previously, the players were only allowed 15 minutes to catch a visible Pokemon. So the players tend to panic to catch the rare and the less likely to appear Pokemon. The recent 15 minute spawn rate has been replaced with a longer timeframe.

The latest update will allow players to catch their favorite Pokemon at their own pace, as the Pokemon will stay up to an hour on the field. The trainers will certainly take a deep sigh after this update. This change will even provide players enough time to make their strategies for catching them.

With increasing spawn rate and increasing number of rare Pokemon, it is very much clear that Niantic is making things smooth and hassle free for the players.

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