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Pokemon GO Update: Niantic Struggling With Servers? No Worldwide Release Anytime Soon?

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Pokemon GO Update

Niantic is now looking for technical help to fix servers for its AR game. Players looking forward to Pokemon GO update should note that the company is still dealing with server issues, and it seems that the game?s worldwide release won?t happen soon. On its official website, the company listed a job opening for a software engineer who?ll be responsible for handling server infrastructure.

Niantic has announced that it is looking for someone who can create server infrastructure to support Pokemon GO. The job opening is for the company?s San Francisco office. The job description states that the team is still dealing with server problems due to a huge number of players using the mobile app regularly.

?You will work on real-time indexing, querying and aggregation problems at massive scales of hundreds of millions of events per day,? the job description for software engineer reads.

Although Pokemon GO servers have not worked properly since launch, the game has not had a downtime for the last couple of hours. It is certainly a good sign, though Nintendo has not confirmed that they have deployed new servers or made any fixes to the game. With over 98 percent uptime in the past 24 hours and 100 percent lure placing chances, it seems that the game servers are now stable.

Niantic previously announced that no new servers in other countries will be made available until the company makes sure that the servers are running properly. Pokemon GO needs a lot of development efforts as the players are facing too many problems. The company has put the global release on hold due to these issues.

The game is currently available in limited regions around the world, and Nintendo aims to take its ambitious AR game to the masses by releasing it worldwide. As the company is looking for more support, it seems that we won?t see a new Pokemon GO update anytime soon.


The game will reportedly come out in other Asian countries sometime this August. This is a good move by Niantic as the?game’s servers has now stabilized, however, fans claim this is partly due to a large drop in player base. A?new Pokemon GO update, which completely removed the footsteps feature, has enraged players?as they believe it has prevented them from being able to?enjoy the game as intended. Niantic has also reportedly shut down third party tracker apps, which millions of users patronize.

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