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Pokemon Go Update: Niantic Says PvP Battles, New Pokemon Coming Soon; Pokemon Trading Is A Possibility

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Unbelievably, Pokemon GO has lost about 80 percent of its paid users. It goes without saying that Pokemon GO fans are looking for something new from the game developers. Niantic has received the feedback. So, it is apparently working on several new features, earmarked for release very soon. However, details about the features, enhancements or changes have not been made official yet, except for giving some hints here and there.

Sometime in August, Reddit users ferreted out the Pokemon GO code to find out what is in store for fans. The significant code entry was ?sfida.? This is apparently an Italian word which means ?dare or challenge.” This particular word has been used all throughout the game?s code base. This also means players will be allowed to engage in PvP matches (i.e. players vs. players? battles).

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To fight with a Pokemon, a player has to head to a gym. In the same way, in order to engage with other players directly, there will be a lot of interesting twists and turns in the game play.

Apart from PvP, Pokemon Trading has also been a hot topic for some time now. The code gives some idea as to what to expect from this feature. Following terminologies, it can be seen all throughout the code Trade_search_offer, response and result.

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This means a player will be allowed to make an offer so as to help trade an item with other players. The other players will apparently send back their response to the trade offer. Finally, the result will be ascertained.

To top it all off, the Pokemon GO game will be getting different variations in order to provide unique and special features. The item variation will most probably be headed to the game’s incense. The code hinted at terminologies like Item_incense_cool, spicy and floral. The guess is that every incense type might attract some specific set of Pokemon.

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In any case, Pokemon GO fans should note that not all features mentioned above, or for that matter, in the?Reddit thread will be coming true. Nevertheless, it gives an idea of what to expect from Niantic in the near future.

According to?Phone Arena, Niantic CEO John Hanke recently acknowledged that the company is planning to add more Pokemon. In his own words: “It?s always been the intent to gradually introduce more Pokemon into the experience over time. Some Pokemon are highly coveted and people are going to be really excited when they show up in the game.”

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