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Pokemon GO Update: Niantic Makes Big Changes In Pokemon Moves

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With the latest Pokemon GO update, Niantic has made some new changes to the Pokemon moves. Players report that the developer has removed some moves and it has altered the way players used to play. Although, the latest update has made the gameplay fair after banning the malicious scripts and applications, the new changes have also affected the game in unfavourable ways.

The latest changes made by Niantic have no impact on the Pokemon you already have. But whatever creature you?ll catch in future will come with the new or modified movesets. The changes have affected many Pokemon including Gyarados, Koffing, Weezing and Mew. All of these Pokemon have lost some of their moves. Weezing and Koffing lost Acid, while the Gyarados will no longer feature Dragon Breath and Mew will not have Moonblast anymore.

Some of the Pokemon which are affected by the update have got their moves replaced and changed. From Chansey to Gengar, Grimer to Jigglypuff and Starmie, many Pokemon have seen changes after the update. Players on Reddit have expressed mix reactions about these modifications. Players have been using the Pokemon moves in many ways and moves certainly help Pokemon players progress in the game.

For some Pokemon including Porygon, Staryu and Starmie, the Quick attacks have been changed, while the Pokemon such as Dugtrio, Golem Diglet and Graveler have seen Mud shots replaced with Mud slap.

As the update is not changing the moves of already collected Pokemon, players with many Pokemon in their inventory will enjoy the advantage. Those who have not yet collected better Pokemon may find it hard to battle against such trainers.

Niantic has not confirmed the claims made by Pokemon GO players. There are chances that the company did not intentionally make such changes, but if it did, there could be a huge mis-balance in the gameplay if the moves of currently available Pokemon remain the same.

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