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Pokemon GO Update: Could Niantic Labs Remove Region Locking in Future Update?

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Pokemon GO is certainly one game that many people are still playing today. The game’s popularity dropped for a while, but luckily the game had a resurgence late in the year. This is thanks in large part to the exciting Pokemon GO update.

While the game fared well in 2016, Niantic Labs is surely hoping that this year will be even better. This is not going to be easy though as many Pokemon GO fans are already wondering what will be next for the game.

One drawback with Pokemon GO is the limited number of Pokemon which players can catch. There have been talk of a Gen 2 Pokemon GO update adding 100 new Pokemon to the game. Unfortunately, it has not happened yet.

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Another challenge is the region-locking of some existing Pokemon in the game. Tauros, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime and Farfetch’d can only be caught in specific regions. Well, that may not stay true for very long if the Pokemon GO rumors are to be believed.

Pokemon GO Region-Locking to Be Removed?

According to Yahoo, Niantic Labs may move to remove the region-locking in the game later this year. This is surely going to make countless fans happy as it will give them a chance to catch all available Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

The region-locking has prevented players from getting all the available Pokemon in their Pokedex. The only way to accomplish this is to travel to other countries to catch the region-specific Pokemon. This is how Nick Johnson was able to do it, although he did get some help from Expedia.

Hopefully, the rumored Pokemon GO update removing region-locking will indeed end up being true. This will help generate more interest in the game as more players will undoubtedly try to “catch ‘em all!”. This has not yet been confirmed by Niantic Labs yet, but hopefully soon more news about it will be revealed.

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