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Pokemon GO Update: Next Special Event to Happen Before Thanksgiving

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Pokemon GO Update

Pokemon GO has become one of the biggest mobile games in the world today. The augmented reality game from Niantic Labs has quickly captured the hearts and minds of gamers alike which has led to its overwhelming success. Keeping the gamers interested though can be a challenge, which is why the game?s developers are constantly planning on adding a new Pokemon GO update every now and then. If the recent rumors are true, a new Pokemon GO special event could be coming before Thanksgiving.

While Pokemon GO has millions of players, in recent months though it experienced a drop in the number of daily number users. This has caused Niantic Labs to worry which is why they stated initiating special events to help boost the active daily users.

Last Halloween, Pokemon GO had a special event wherein it offered bonuses in XP and in the Stardust that a player can earn for a limited period. It also increased the number of ghost type Pokemon in the spirit of Halloween. It was a huge success and players have been wondering when the next Pokemon GO event will happen.

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Well, it appears that the next one is not that far off as SlashGear reports that a Pokemon GO special event is expected to happen before Thanksgiving. This is certainly great news for gamers who are eager to play Pokemon GO during the upcoming Holiday.

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It is still not known though what the special event will be, though having more bird or flying type Pokemon spawn is one likely scenario. Also adding XP and Stardust bonuses will surely help draw players too.

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Surely Niantic Labs will be releasing more information about this in the days leading up to the week of Thanksgiving. Players would just have to wait and see what the game?s developers have in store. One thing that can be certain though is that the upcoming Pokemon GO Thanksgiving event is surely going to be fun and exciting.

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Be sure to check back here soon to find out more news on the upcoming Pokemon GO Thanksgiving special event as well as on other trending topics in the world of gaming.

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