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Pokemon GO Update: Next Gets Rid Off Three-Step Glitch?

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Pokemon GO Update

A Pokemon GO update was released recently to address server problems and issues with certain in-game features. However, one problem that was not solved that players hope to get rid of on the next update is the game?s dreaded ?Three Step Glitch.?

In an interview shared by Techplz, software developer Niantic shared that they are planning to roll out bi-weekly updates to improve the overall gaming experience for the millions of Pokemon GO players worldwide. This is because of how the last update reportedly made things better for fans of the augmented reality game.

Among other things, games hope that the next Pokemon GO update will be able to fix the Three Step Glitch. There have been Pokemon GO tips online about how to work your way around it, but Niantic did say during the team?s recent San Diego Comic Con appearance that they will work on completely eliminating the said bug.

Aside from Pokemon GO?s Three Step Glitch, there have been a lot of reports about the game?s other issues.

Pokemon go

Just hours into its official launch last month, Pokemon GO was immediately plagued by access and connection problems due to an APK leak. The leak allegedly caused the worldwide delay in the game?s official release.

Weeks ago, there were reports about a fake Pokemon GO app that gave hackers access to phones of eager players. This was discovered after experts found a DroidJack remote access kit on VirusTotal, which is a repository for malware and compromised apps. Those who downloaded the bogus app had their devices infected by viruses and malwares.

Pokemon GO Update

Gamers have also complained about problems with several in-game features. These include its high battery consumption, location inaccuracy, poor audio and many more.

A week after the game?s official launch, the internet has already been abuzz with rumored Pokemon GO cheats that allow users to illegally access Pokecoins, Pokeballs and other game resources for free.

Aside from these and the Three Step Glitch, are there other problems that need to be addressed in the next Pokemon GO update? Let us know by commenting below.


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