Pokemon GO Update: New PokeVision Alternatives You Can Use

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Good news for Pokemon GO fans, especially previous PokeVision users. The internet is once again flooded with various alternatives for the previously banned third-party Pokemon GO app.

Those who have been playing Pokemon GO since day one are probably aware of the existence of PokeVision. Back in July, next to Pokemon GO, PokeVision is perhaps the top downloaded third-party app for the game. It gives players the ability to see where various Pokemon are. In fact, it worked better than the actual locator of the game itself.

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Due to the popularity and the way that PokeVision links to the original game?s servers, Niantic has taken it down for good. There was an immediate uproar on Niantic?s decision to ban the third-party app.

Fortunately, for the gamers, this banning resulted in a number of ?versions of the original PokeVision app. TheBitBag has listed them all for the gamers to enjoy, and here they are.

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First off, the PokeEye. This unique app for the Pokemon GO features a nifty scanner that can scan anywhere on the map. Users do not even have to be physically present on the spot to check what Pokemon are available. It also shows timers indicating how long a certain type of Pokemon will stay in that particular location.

Pokemon GO PokeEye

Next up is Go Scan. This app is now available for iOS devices on Apple?s App Store. The Go Scan, much like PokEye, provides Pokemon scanning function so user will know where each Pokemon are. The thing that makes it different from PokEye is Go Scan can show histories of Pokemon spawns for any location in the map. Users can also filter their searches so the screen will not get too cluttered.

Pokemon GO Go Scan

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For those who are running out of space on their mobile devices but still badly need a Pokemon tracker, there is PokeVS. By far, this scanner is very much like the original PokeVision albeit it is not an app but a web page. Users only need to go to Type the address on the search bar, and they can start scanning the area for Pokemon.

Pokemon GO PokeVS

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Finally, there is PokeFast. As the name implies, it is by far the fastest Pokemon scanner out there. It works by scanning a certain location by pin pointing it on the map. Once the scanning process is done, instead of high quality graphics, it gives numbers that identify a Pokemon based on its PokeDex ID. Users have an option of replacing the number with an image of their own choosing.

Pokemon GO PokeFast

For more Pokemon GO news, be sure to check us out at TheBitBag.

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